Below is information about a team project I worked on for which I am very proud.

Bring on the Sun Run 2012

The Bring on the Sun Run 2012 was the culminating project that involved twelve Seattle University graduate students and their advisor. The purpose was to integrate all facets of the academic components of the MSAL program while at the same time┬ádoing something that furthered SeattleU’s mission of social justice. The Class of 2012 cohort of students chose a 5k fun run as their avenue for raising money for a local non-profit and awareness about youth fitness and health. Included below are a few sample materials Bill Peck designed as part of the sponsorship team.

Bring on the Sun Run 5k Sponsorship Details (.pdf)

Bring on the Sun Run Proposal (.pdf)

Bring on the Sun Run Thank You – 2 Samples (.pdf)

Bring on the Sun Run Video Recap – YouTube

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